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Conversion Pricing

The format your original document is in will have a big impact on the pricing of your conversion. But whether you have the original manuscript in Word document, the designer's typeset InDesign document, proof copies of the final PDFs or simply just a hard copy of the book, we can still convert it for you!

The pricing below outlines the per page pricing that is based on the format of the book you supply to us.

Text Only:

From InDesign Document  $0.50 per page
From Word Document $0.75 per page
From PDF $1 per page
From Hardcopy $1.50 per page

Text With Chapter Graphics:

From InDesign Document  $0.50 per page + $1 per graphic
From Word Document $0.75 per page + $1 per graphic
From PDF $2 per page + $1 per graphic
From Hardcopy $5 per page + $1.50 per graphic

Adding Photos? No problem!

eBooks thrive w/text-only documents. However, if you have to include photos, charts or other graphics to your documents we can! Because this process is often tricky and tedious, the charge is based per photo:

Photos Only: $1 per image
Photos with Captions: $2 per image
Photos will be converted in color for use on color/black & white readers.

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