ABCs for Entrepreneurs: A is for Advertising

By JP Jones

Entrepreneurs across the board know that a good advertising strategy is one of the four cornerstones of any successful start up. What they don't realize is good advertising doesn't mean it has to break your budget and deplete your resources. In "ABCs for Entrepreneurs: A is for Advertising", JP shares time-tested tips for advertising that works without major overhead costs. She shares stories of her own advertising adventures as well as quotes and inspiration from major thought-leaders in business — both past and present. This gift-sized book is great for yourself or any entrepreneur on your list!

A-Z Guide Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

By Dr. Billy Wilson

The A-Z Guide Sexual Intimacy in Marriage is the perfect ebook to turn to, for spicing up your love life in marriage. Dr. Billy Wilson provides an A-Z guide with practical tips on how to keep intimacy alive in the marriage. The perfect ebook for a quick read.

Foundations of Faith

By Dr. Billy Wilson

Foundations of Faith, written by Dr. Billy Wilson, focuses on the foundations in faith that are pleasing to God. Focusing on Noah and how his faith changed the world, allows us to get a better insight on how we can please God with our faith and what it really constitutes.

The Other Son: From Ishmael to Islam

By Dr. Billy Wilson

The term “Islam” means “submission” or “the willing and active recognition of and submission to the Command of the One, Allah.”

Those who practice this submission to Allah are called Muslims. In the following few pages, Dr. Billy Wilson helps readers examine the origins of Islam, its development, and its teachings and suggest potential contemporary responses by today’s Christian.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

By Kenneth E. Hagin

In this comprehensive study guide, Kenneth E. Hagin focuses on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues, teaching believers how to draw from the Holy Spirit!

The Threefold Nature of Man

By Kenneth E. Hagin

This book delves into teaching on the three-fold nature of man, discussing in depth the teaching that we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.


Biblical Keys to Financial Prosperity

By Kenneth E. Hagin

We are meant to live the good life and eat the good of the land! This book explains how believers can release their faith for finances and do just that!


Faith Food Devotions

By Kenneth E. Hagin

It is important to feed your faith for it to grow! In this devotional every day is packed with verses of scripture, bite-sized teachings, and personal confessions to "feed" your faith every day of the year.

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage" is a wonderful book designed to comfort and help you concerning issues related to marriage, divorce, and remarriage using the Word of God.

Splinters: The Pain, The Passion, The Point

By Barbara Howell

Splinters is the incredible true-story of Barbara Howell. An abandoned woman who faced her fears, endured her pain and overcame daunting obstacles to become successful in a man’s profession. This lady didn’t set out to prove anything. Her only goal was to pay her debts and survive.

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Exclusive Claims of Jesus Christ

By Dr. Billy Wilson

The Exclusive Claims of Jesus Christ is a reflection on how there is no comparison between Jesus and and any other man in history.

He was exclusively:

  • Divine: Completely Man – Completely God
  • Supernatural: The one who worked miracles
  • Lord: Even Demons flee before Him
  • Head of the Church: The gates of Hell will not prevail
  • Prophet: Not Nostradamus, Joseph Smith, or even Muhammad
  • Mediator: The one who brings peace with God and man
  • Savior: Crucified to save us from the penalty of sin
  • Alive: He is the firstborn of the dead

This ebook exclaims these points.

The Parenthood Plan

By Dr. Billy Wilson

There is only one source and book available that gives the most effective plan needed for successful parenthood—the Bible.

Throughout God’s Word, from the very beginning of the account of Adam, Eve, and their sons, Cain, Abel, and Seth, we learn much about parenting. The Parenthood Plan takes a deeper step into inspecting the lives of Biblical leaders and how we can apply those principles into our parenting skills.





Today's Church: A Look at Yesterday's Church to See Today's Church More Clearly

By Dr. Billy Wilson

Today's Church: A Look at Yesterday's Church to See Today's Church More Clearly is a study guide designed to help you discover and uncover truths needed for your local church. Dr. Billy Wilson encourages us to open our Bible and your heart as we take a look at yesterday’s church to see Today’s Church more clearly.



Walking By Faith

By Kenneth E. Hagin

This comprehensive study guide will help the believer achieve a workable operation of faith in his life—a faith that works.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

By Kenneth E. Hagin

This study guide closely examines the operations and practical uses of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are essential to your everyday life as a christian.

What to Do When Faith Seems Weak & Victory Lost

By Kenneth E. Hagin

Many of us have come to a place where we don't know what to do.  In this book, Kenneth E. Hagin gives us ten steps that, when taken in sequence, will bring anyone out of defeat and into certain victory!

Plans, Purposes & Pursuits

By Kenneth E. Hagin

Written from a series of messages recorded at Campmeeting 1987, touching on the ministry gifts, Kenneth E. Hagin teaches that the next great spiritual outpouring God wants to bring upon the earth will require that we lay aside our own plans, purposes, and pursuits and seek the true worship of God.

You're Gonna Make It!

By Ruth McGill

Although you may be surrounded by problems on every side, you’re still going to make it. Your circumstances may look bleak, but your situation is temporary. Find out three reasons why you can’t fail. Read more.

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Through the Blood and Through the Flood

By Kirk DuBois

Are You Struggling With Weaknesses and Failures? Is Your Past Hindering Your Future? Have you ever wanted to do something great for God, but you felt like He could never use you because of your imperfections and faults? Have you made so many mistakes since becoming a Christian that you're sure you could never accomplish anything worthwhile for Him? Is your past just too terrible to forget?

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The Challenge of Missions

By Oswald Smith

Do you have a special call for evangelizing the Gospel or is your desire simply to learn more about the ways in which sharing the Good News can be accomplished in any circle? International Pastors Mark and Janet Brazee have reopened the time capsule on this powerful word from Oswald Smith, newly formatted by HootPress for your Kindle eBook viewing needs.

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