Why Convert Your Books to Digital Formats?


Perhaps you have heard of the massive success of Amazon.com's Kindle e-book reader or that Kindle e-book sales over-ran paper book sales last Christmas. Perhaps you've noticed the explosion of e-book popularity as Barns and Noble's Nook or the iPad's new iBook e-bookstore struggle for their share of the newly revitalized e-book market. Maybe you've asked yourself if you're witnessing the beginning of the end of tangible, traditional books.
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While heavy, space-consuming books will be gathering dust in our bookshelves for many years to come, it's clear that electronic formats are here to stay and will only become more popular in the future. Even at this stage in the game, there are entire audiences that are no longer reachable with standard published books. Because e-books are the logical next step in the world of consolidated knowledge, readers are willing to wait for a book to become available in their e-book reader's respective format rather than adding another book to their shelf.

More Hands. More Places.

Every author wants their book to be a success. That means getting your book into as many hands as possible. While printing your book is still necessary, it is no longer the final stage of publishing. Not releasing your book electronically is like selling it only to people who will pay with cash.

Reaching the growing market of e-reader owners is only one of the benefits to releasing your book electronically. Consider the cost of printing books, of mailing them, and of storing them. Now imagine having an endless inventory, no shipping fees, and no printing cost. The e-book market is an example of the rarest form of relationship between consumer and distributor: a mutually beneficial relationship. You save time and cut costs and the consumer can carry your book and many more anywhere they go in a device smaller than a typical paper book. If for no other reason than that, it is clear that e-books are here to stay.

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