Where Is Your Passion?

By Matthew Murray

Where Is Your Passion?Matthew Murray challenges readers to realize their passions and chase after them in this eBook version copy of Where Is Your Passion? The title explains it all - there's no greater time than now to get serious about what drives and motivates you in life and to redirect that for the glory and purpose of His Kingdom. He makes it clear in his book that the time has come to turn on the passion for the one who saved us from eternal flames and exude the Good News in every area of our lives. Where is Your Passion? asks readers to be candid with themselves about the life they've lived and the life they plan to live after reading this inspiring script.

Join Matt as he plays the part of your own worst enemy and gives you the tools to resolve complacency in a world accepting of un-solidified and meaningless objectives. HootPress brings the stretching read to the portable world with a paperless copy of Murray's critically acclaimed message.

This eBook is now available on Amazon.com for $5.99.

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