Through the Blood and Through the Flood

By Kirk DuBois

Are You Struggling With Weaknesses and Failures? Is Your Past Hindering Your Future? Have you ever wanted to do something great for God, but you felt like He could never use you because of your imperfections and faults? Have you made so many mistakes since becoming a Christian that you're sure you could never accomplish anything worthwhile for Him? Is your past just too terrible to forget?

In Through the Blood and Through the Flood, Rev. Kirk DuBois helps you understand who you are and what you have because you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. When you grasp this key spiritual truth, you will begin to taste of the sweet victory your Heavenly Father has provided for you, and you will become abundantly useful to Him.

Today, many believers who should be helping to bring in the harvest are instead caught up in trying to perfect themselves and heal the wounds of their past. "God didn't save you and then tell you to go into the desert for 40 years until you are perfect and "functional" before going to reach the world," Rev. DuBois writes. "God blesses those who serve Him by faith in what Jesus has done!"

Through the Blood and Through the Flood will help you put your past behind you, stop focusing on your faults, and do great things for God!

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