God Loves Women

By Scarlett Harrington

Freshly converted for the tablet and small portable electronics genre, God Loves Women is reaching an even greater audience. Be a part of the movement that's sweeping across the nation with this inspirational letter of endearment from Scarlett Harrington. Although this title challenges the prehistoric notion that what's mankind's belongs to him, there's room for even more philosophical debate when God's Word provides outstretched clarity.

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Where Is Your Passion?

By Matthew Murray

Where Is Your Passion?Matthew Murray challenges readers to realize their passions and chase after them in this eBook version copy of Where Is Your Passion? The title explains it all - there's no greater time than now to get serious about what drives and motivates you in life and to redirect that for the glory and purpose of His Kingdom. He makes it clear in his book that the time has come to turn on the passion for the one who saved us from eternal flames and exude the Good News in every area of our lives. Where is Your Passion? asks readers to be candid with themselves about the life they've lived and the life they plan to live after reading this inspiring script.

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Why Tongues

by Kenneth E. Hagin

Why TonguesThis important minibook discusses the benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking with other tongues.


By Kenneth E. Hagin

WordsDiscover how words affect home life, families, health, and success.

Fear-Free Living

By Mark Brazee

Read any news headline or listen to any broadcast and you’ll hear reports of natural disasters, economic woes, terrorism and wars. Yet, in uncertain times there’s nothing at all uncertain about God’s Word and His promises of safety and protection for His children. Mark Brazee encourages readers with God’s promise that you can live fear-free even in dangerous times. He shares how you can qualify for maximum coverage in God’s insurance policy and live securely under the defense of almighty God.

Positioning Yourself to Receive Healing

By Doug Jones

Positioning YourselfWhere are you on your quest to receive healing? In this book, Rev. Doug Jones presents key beliefs that one must embrace and act upon in order to be properly positioned to receive healing.

Wisdom & Wonder

By Abraham Kuyper

How will evangelicals respond to contemporary cultural shifts? What they believe influences how they respond and this will have significant ramifications for the future of a free society and its business, economic, and public sectors.

Sometimes the way forward is found by looking back. 

Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch theologian and prime minister of Holland (1901–1905), elaborated on the doctrine of common grace, a theology of public service, and cultural engagement of Christians' shared humanity with the rest of the world. 

As Kuyper noted, "If God is sovereign, then his lordship must extend over all of life, and it cannot be restricted to the walls of the church or within the Christian orbit." Kuyper's work shows us that God is not absent from the non–church areas of our common life and bestows his gifts and favor to all people.

The Nature of Giving

By Pastor D. Scott Ross

Giving is is something Christians ought to do in order to be pleasing to their Maker. In his book, The Nature of Giving, Pastor D. Scott Ross explains why giving is so monumental to our identity as children of God.

You Can Have What You Say

By Kenneth E. Hagin

According to the author, a person will receive and have in life exactly what he believes for and says. In other words, read this book to find out how your attitude can be influential.

Awaken Your Dream

By Dr. John Barton

Having a dream can be an arduous process. Once your dream has been born, where do you proceed from there? John Barton can guide you through the process in his book, "Awaken Your Dreams". In it, he explains that everybody has a dream from God within them, and that it ought to be unlocked and brought to fulfillment in the proper time.

Create the World You Want to See

By Kenneth W. Hagin

How Do You Picture Your World?

What kind of world do you want to live in? A world of love? A world of faith? A world of peace? A world of health? A world of abundance? By speaking the Word of God in faith, you can create the world you want to see.

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In Him

By Kenneth E. Hagin

Learn who you are and what you have in Christ by studying such New Testament expressions as "in Him," "in Christ," and "in Whom."

God's Peace: Experience It All the Time

By Lynette Hagin

God's PeaceNowadays it seems easy to become overwhelmed and lose our peace. We only have to turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper to begin wondering what bad thing will happen next.

Turn the Heart

By Wayne Smith

God will restore a Relationship for You!
God is looking for hearts to turn. He is merely waiting for the opportunity. our World today is full of hearts that yearn for the turning touch from God. This book will cultivate the faith that pleases God and allow Him the entrance He desires to begin to turn hearts. Whether a relative or friend, someone you know know needs this message.

Life After Death

By Tony Cooke

Life After Death: Rediscovering Life After the Loss of a Loved One provides vital insights from God's Word and personal reflections from those who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Romancing Your Creator

By Angela Keeton

When you first experience the tangible presence of God, you are beside yourself with joy! You can hardly believe you get to come back into that presence, over and over again—as often as your heart desires. And God will always be there to totally intoxicate you with His love, His goodness and His beauty. You can drink in as much of Him as you can possibly contain, because no matter how much you drink or how often you come, you will never exhaust the endless supply that constantly invites you back for more!

Embark on a journey that will lead you into more passionate love for God and more thrilling times in His presence than you could have imagined!

Left, Right & Christ

By Lisa Harper and D.C. Innes

In Left, Right and Christ, Harper and Innes provide thought-provoking clarity and give us all the opportunity to understand the world of politics from a distinctly Christian perspective. The stimulating dialogue will empower you to review the issues of the day and make your own decision.

Discerning properly between what the parties have in common and where they differ, we will be able to open our minds to both political sides while learning what the Bible has to say for our contemporary world.

The Healer's In Your House

By Kenneth E. Hagin

Faith activates the power of God. Drawing on the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark chapter 5, Kenneth W. Hagin reminds us that when we touch Jesus in faith, something happens.

Exceedingly Growing Faith

By Kenneth E. Hagin

There can never be an effect without a cause. In Kenneth E. Hagin's book, "Exceedingly Growing Faith", he reminds us that as Christians, the only way to instill faith principles in our lives is by acting upon them. First comes feeding on God's word, followed by acting upon it. Only then can we have a complete understanding of the important concepts found in between its pages.

Celebrated Not Tolerated

By Dr. John Barton

Single adults are making up a higher population of our society as each decade passes. In his book, "Celebrated Not Tolerated", Dr. John Barton explains that being single is not a curse, but a blessing from God. Instead of comparing themselves to those in committed relationships, Barton suggests that instead they cultivate a healthy relationship with themselves. The goal of this is contentment, a state of mind that ultimately leads to true peace with God and with oneself.

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