Discovering Your God-Given Identity

By Dr. John Barton

Countless people in today's society struggle with identity issues, and Christians are by no means exempt. It is useless to base one's identity on humanity, personal achievements, or past experiences; these things are fleeting and can never bring fulfillment. According to Dr. John Barton's book, "Discovering Your God-Given Identity", it IS possible to discover yourself--but only through Christ. Read the book to find out exactly how to begin the journey to perfect identity.

Health Food

By Kenneth E. Hagin

When Kenneth Hagin went to RHEMA's Prayer and Healing School, he was totally immersed in God's Word, which provided him with valuable insights on obtaining a life free from pain and disease. He wrote "Health Food" as a way for you to learn from his time of meditation and hopefully experience enlightenment of your own.

Life, Liberty & Resilience

By Steffan Tubbs

"Life, Liberty & Resilience" is the journey of a man who found within an ability to face adversity with amazing resilience and a will to fight for life and liberty in this country called the United States of America. An unauthorized biography, the book is based completely on fact from more than 100 hours of the author's personal interviews as part of the patriotic and uplifting project.

Skinny Kitty Investing

Ever wanted to learn how to find, purchase and sell stocks for yourself? "Skinny Kitty Investing" can help! Written by brothers Randy and Richard Bunn, this book offers helpful financial advice with a pinch of humor and a dash of wit. (For example, here's the full title: "A Low Roller’s Guide to Supplementing Income: How the Little Guy Can Invest His Own Money".)

Because of Jesus

By Kenneth W. Hagin

"Because of Jesus" takes you on a journey to get deeper into understanding who Jesus is and why he went on the cross to die for the sins of humanity. Three sermons combined into one book, provides a great starting point to understand who this Jesus is.

Bible Prayer Study Course

By Kenneth E. Hagin

What is the best way to pray? Does God hear my prayers? "Bible Prayer Study Course" gives you fundamental truths from the Bible that will help your prayer life. Each chapter containing examples from the Bible, gives a deeper understanding on why prayer is so important and effective.

Health Food Devotions

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Health Food Devotions" is a daily spoonful of God's Word. Written into a format that each day you'll receive a blessing, take the time to meditate on the the teachings of Kenneth Hagin from 1979.

The Gatekeepers

By Nathanael Wolf

"The Gatekeepers" is a book that helps you understand "whatever God can get through you, He will get to you". Gatekeepers are people who God has instilled on this earth to help finance His work. This book gives you insight to determine if you were called to be a Gatekeeper and what that actually means.

FCF Ministers Manual

This notebook, the FCF Ministers Manual, covers twelve areas of ministry: Understanding the Ministry; Ministerial Ethics; Marriage; Communion; Baptisms; Dedications; Funerals; How to Receive an Offering; Guest Speakers; How to Prepare a Sermon; and CPAs & Consultants.

Widows: Women of Courage

By Lynda Robinson

"Widows: Women of Courage" was written for women who have lost their husbands and are attempting to move on. Not only does it give practical advice, but it also gives a Biblical view of widows from God's perspective.

31 Days of Marketing

By JP Jones

In her newest publication, JP Jones extols the virtues of marketing for today's budding entrepreneur. Over the course of 31 days, the reader will learn how to effectively put their best foot forward and market, market, market!

Invasion of Glory

By Mark Brazee

“Invasion of Glory” will inspire you as you read how the brightness of God’s glory is racing our direction with signs, wonders and miracles on the horizon of time. Formerly titled “Preparing for His Glory,” this book has been out of print for two years, but is now back with a new title, a new look and a message more timely than ever!

The Art of Prayer

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"The Art of Prayer" is the ultimate book on how to pray. This book touches on the topics of how to pray for others and for yourself. Sometimes we have a desire to pray for an issue but we don't even know where to start. "The Art of Prayer" provides a starting place and how to interceed for those issues.

Bible Healing Study Course

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Bible Healing Study Course" gives a great insight of the love of God; that diseases of all kind were never His plan for us, humans. The study course is filled with 22 lessons that will challenge you to think and answer questions about your understanding of healing.

Growing Up, Spiritually

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Growing Up, Spiritually" is a book that takes you on the exploration of spiritual maturity that should take in each Christian's life, as they grow in their understanding of God and the Word.

Love: The Way to Victory

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Love: The Way to Victory" is a reflection of how we need to allow God's love to direct our path in life. Love is the strongest thing in this world and having Christ's love direct us daily, it allows for us to see the unimaginable happen right before our eyes.

Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room

By Kenneth E. Hagin

"Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room" is an explanation of the purpose in speaking in tongues. It gives you insight of how to press deeper and pray out God's plan. This book provides a broader understanding on "everything you wanted to know about speaking in tongues".

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